How to install a magnetic door screen?

How to install a magnetic door screen?

The magnetic door screen was invented in LIXIN county since 2004,now already 2018.

This product already been proven very usefull for mosquito control,and becoming more and more popular in our life.

But do you know how to install a magnetic door screen on the wooden door frames?

This is very simple,you only neex to find a hammer,this is a finished product.

You only need to mark out the proper position,and fix the screen onto the right marked position with the thumbtack pins.

2019 white magnetic door screen

2019 new model photo show for the magnetic door screen

There is a very important point in the installation process.

You need make sure the middle of the top side a bit higher than the left and right side.

Because with the gravity power,the screen can close more quickly and perfect.

We met some customers,who complain that the screen can’t be closed after fix on the door frame.

After check the photo they sent,we find that the problem is:our customers fix the screens in a wrong way.

That leads to a bad feeling on using our magnetic door screens.


I want to tell all our customers,all our magnetic door screens are made by skilled workers.

We use the best raw materials,the biggest magnets.

All of them lead to a very good quality final magnetic door screen.

If you install them in the wrong way,no matter how good our product is,they still can not doing perfect work.

If you guys have any questions about the installation.

Or if you want to be an agent of our factory.

Welcome contact us for a further cooperation.

We would be very pleased to serve you.

More about us:

Our factory produce this clever product since it’s been invented.

And we export them mainly to Europe quality clients.

They mainly sold the magnetic door screen in a chain supermarket.